Undeniably Hard

Someone with RP recently asked on a Facebook support group if the grieving process of losing your sight ever stops. Does it? As I mentioned before, change is your reality if you have RP or any other degenerative eye condition. Once you get used to one change, another change emerges calling for more adaptations. And with each of those changes and adaptions, no matter how big or small, comes grief.

So when will the grieving stop? Once we’ve reached complete blindness? I imagine there will be some sort of grieving process once we reach the “end.” Total blindness. But maybe it will be easier. Easier to move on since there will be nothing left to lose. No more changes to adapt to. Just peace.

Not too long after seeing this question and pondering it myself, I learned of a saying among people with RP: “Being blind isn’t hard. Going blind is hard.” Blind Scholar wrote about this very topic and I’d like to share his post with you. I think it perfectly explains why going blind is the hardest part. And hopefully that saying is true. Hopefully there will be peace at the end.

Originally posted on Blind Scholar:

The Hardest Part

There’s a saying among people with Retinitis Pigmentosa: “Being blind isn’t hard. Going blind is hard.” I’m not sure that being blind is easy, exactly, but I do believe that this season, the transition between sight and blindness, will probably be one of the hardest of my life.

Part of this is the basic sense of loss, and loss of control. Something I once had is disappearing, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I don’t know—can’t know—what I will be able to see next year this time, or five years down the line. It’s hard to literally watch my vision spark and…view original post.


4 thoughts on “Undeniably Hard

  1. Two years ago I came across a tweet on grieving for people with disabilities and I was like yes finally someone who understands me. I find myself on occasion going through a “grieving process” over things that I can no longer do and miss the days that I could do those things. I might write about it soon.

    Thank you for this post!

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  2. Virginia, this is a profound thought. I can’t imagine a loss on the magnitude of losing one’s sight, but I do know the “letting go” process is very difficult . If we age and mature well we must continually let go. One of the big releases is letting go of the way we thought life would go and living and embracing the now. Thank you for helping me look at life from a different perspective.

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    1. “One of the big releases is letting go of the way we thought life would go and living and embracing the now.” Beautiful. I love that. And so true. The peace you feel when you embrace the now. Thanks, Caroline!


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