E – Eye Makeup Challenge

Y’all, this week I attempted to do my eye makeup in the dark. No mirrors. No lights. Nothing. Just complete darkness.

Why did I do this? There may come a day when I will not be able to see myself in the mirror. Unfortunately, that is the reality that I face with having Usher Syndrome. But just because I can’t see myself in the mirror doesn’t mean I can’t still look good! As my blogger friend, Steph McCoy, from BoldBlindBeauty says, “If you’ve always cared for yourself and took pride in your appearance, sight loss won’t change this aspect as it’s integral to who you are as an individual.”

In preparation for my makeup in the dark session, I watched several YouTube videos and read some articles featuring beautiful blind women demonstrating and explaining how they apply makeup. You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of great videos and articles out there. While I was mostly encouraged by seeing how great these ladies looked without a mirror, I also read some numerous “horror” stories! One woman said she accidentally used a red lip liner pencil as eyeliner. Her friends all though her eyes were bleeding (Insert my wide eyes, here)! 

You can check out my whole video here.

My takeaways from this challenge?

  1. I see why a lot of blind women avoid liquid eyeliner. I personaeye-makeuplly like how liquid eyeliner stays in place all day and does not venture into my crease, but as you noticed in the video, I had a hard time putting it on lightly. If anyone has advice on a good eyeliner pencil that stays put, please let me know!
  2. As you may have noticed in the video, I had some spillage from the eye shadow on my cheek bone. I believe a good solution to this problem could be changing up my makeup routine. Instead of starting with foundation, I’ll apply my eye makeup first. This way, I can clean up around my eyes with eye makeup remover to ensure I have no eye shadow on my cheek bones.
  3. Keeping your makeup and tools neatly organized in front of you is a must. All throughout the recording of the video, I was rummaging around for the next thing I needed.
  4. It’s totally doable! Even though my right eye was heavier and I had eye shadow all over my cheek bones, I was pleased with how my eye makeup turned out!

Let’s see your eye makeup session in the dark. Make a video and post it on social media with #eyemakeupinthedark 🙂eye-makeup

5 thoughts on “E – Eye Makeup Challenge

  1. You have a pretty voice. 🙂
    I’m so bad with makeup… I used to always wear a bit of mascara (and that’s about it) until a few years ago. Then I gave it up because I rub my eyes and it gets so smudgy around my eyes too easily. And trying to put on a full proper makeup isn’t something I ever learned to do properly.
    So far I’ve had a makeup artist at Macy’s teach me where and how to highlight with some colored tinted creams. Add a colorless powder and tiny bit of mascara and it’s as far as I can go. Or, like most days – some face cream with spf, maybe lightly tinted, with then some nice profume and a bit of nail polish, in a shade that doesn’t look bad when bits chop off in use.
    I do want to learn to put on a full makeup but it just sounds so scary. And even scarier to think about putting it on youtube. 😮


    1. Thank you! That’s the first time my voice has been complimented! I always thought my voice was squeaky.

      I normally don’t wear a whole lot of makeup. Usually I just wear foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. I wear eye shadow when I’m going to a wedding or on a special date with the hubs but that’s about it. I’ve never learned how to do contouring. Maybe one of your friends can teach you how to do full makeup? One blind girl from YouTube said that it took her about a year to really master putting her makeup on by herself. She had her sister help her a lot. Maybe you could find someone to help you get a routine down and give you pointers 🙂 Then make a video!


      1. Oh, I have some tutorials I’ve found by blind bloggers on youtube. I’ll give a try for a more festive makeup in a few weeks for an xmas party. Maybe a pic in instagram if i’m brave…
        I love voices that are soft and easy to identify. (of course… if you try to recognize people from voice, it can be pretty weird… “um.. i think she sounds like a white American?” is not a very good description of a person’s voice. So any cool things they do with their voice, any soft or other special things they do, any unusual intonations, accents, vocabulary… those make it all easier. Plus I love complimenting people on their voices when they sound nice and genuine. 🙂

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  2. Virginia, your perspective is so interesting. I love your voice and the way you express yourself. You make me stop and think about the way I “see” the world around me, my view, my perspective…. and how unique each of our views are according to our vantage point. Thank you for sharing parts of YOU!


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