My Own A to Z Challenge

Image description: The Florida sunset on the Atlantic Ocean with the text “My A to Z Challenge.”

I’m new to blogging and I must say I’m enjoying it! After poking around in the blog world, I discovered something fun. Every April, many bloggers participate in the A to Z Challenge. The point of this challenge is to write a post about a different letter of the alphabet every day in April, except on Sundays. Also, there is usually a theme. Well, it ain’t April ant this sounds like a fun challenge, so I’ve decided to do my very own A to Z challenge! For the next 26 weeks (give or take), I will write a post on each letter of the alphabet on various topics. I will post the first one – A, later tonight, so be sure to check back!

Not all of my blogs will be directly related to my deafblindness, as there is more to me than my deafness and low vision. But if there are any particular topics related to deafblindness or ASL that you might be interested in learning about, please leave a comment! Maybe I can incorporate them in this challenge!

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