A – Autumn Vignettes

It’s finally beginning to feel a little like autumn here in the evenings. With each breeze, leaves and acorns fall sprinkling the ground creating their own masterpiece, and the evening air is pleasantly cool. Yesterday evening, the hubby and I dug out the lawn chairs and basked in God’s beautiful vignette of autumn.

Image description: Hubby and I sitting in our driveway with our brindle boxer dog, Rosie.

You know, I really do not like the cold, at all. My hubby teases that it could be 80 degrees out and I’d still be cold. But I must say, I am loving this autumn vignette. I know I won’t get to see the leaves transform into their vibrant yellows and fiery reds and oranges, but I will still appreciate getting a teaser of autumn here in Florida. Besides, I can bring autumn to my life through home décor!

My autumn vignette. (A detailed image description for the blind/low-vision at the bottom of post).

One thing I really enjoy is decorating my home! I especially enjoy making changes in my décor during the seasons. My love and inspiration for decorating is largely due to my mom. She was an interior designer for many years and I used to go to jobs with her and often times found myself with a paint brush in my hand! Decorating is definitely a passion of my mom’s and I’ll let her explain why she believes making your home beautiful is important.

“I believe God wants us to enjoy His created beauty. He has given us so many beautiful things in the natural world to see, touch, smell, and hear. These are His gifts to us. We can also create beauty in our home. When I think about a home as opposed to a house, I think it should attract and motivate those living there. By changing the venue for special events or seasonally, we are choreographing a sort of dance that is much more interesting than the usual sameness. Isn’t this what God does in the landscape? Just look at the different leaves this fall and how interesting it is to look at those colorful pumpkins and gourds in the fields or even in the grocery stores! God dresses our world beautifully. Thomas Aquinas once said, ‘Beauty is that which being seen pleases.’ That’s why I think a beautiful home can change how people feel and act. I believe the work of transforming a house into a home is pleasing to God.”

One thing I learned from my mom is that making your home beautiful and pleasing to your eyes does not require lots of money. For my autumn vignette, the only things I bought recently are the colorful gourds from the grocery store (roughly $7), the wooden pumpkin that reads, “Give Thanks” ($4), and the white and black chevron pumpkin ($4). Everything else, I already had on hand or I made with things that I had around the house. For example, the pink and orange twine balls I made by wrapping string/twine dipped in mod podge around a balloon.  I plan to share some “secrets” I learned from my mom on how to decorate on a dime in later posts. For now, I want to give you some tips on how to make your own autumn vignette.

  1. Research. I did not magically come up with this vignette on the spot. I looked at lots and lots of pictures for inspiration. And I mean oodles of pictures; mostly on Pinterest. Find what looks pleasing to you and try to emulate it in your own way.
  2. Gather items. Again, you don’t have to go out and buy stuff.
    Image description: The left side of my vignette.

    Look around your house and see if you have things that would go with your autumn vignette. Books, candles, lanterns, jars, baskets, dried flowers, sticks from your yard are all things you can use! And remember, you can always make things. Pinterest it, my friends. Also, be sure to gather things that are all different sizes and shapes. You’ll want tall, short, round, square, and odd-shaped items.

  3. Arrange and rearrange. I can’t tell you how many times I moved stuff around before I came to this final pleasing “look.” Sometimes I’ll live with something for a day or two and then change it up to see how I like it. My point is, you may not be pleased with the first arrangement and that’s ok! Keep moving stuff around!
  4. When you finally get the look that is pleasing to your eyes, sit back and enjoy! The thing I love about my autumn vignette is that it can stay up through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Now, I’m going to start brainstorming and researching ideas for Christmas!


Image Description of Autumn Vignette: An autumn vignette on top of a white entertainment center. Back Row (left to right) Clear glass vase with dried hydrangeas; two black candle sticks with pumpkin orange candles; a black picture frame with a chalkboard art that reads, “thankful & blessed” with a white mat around it; a big empty golden frame. Front Row to the left of the chalk framed art: a yellow and green gourd and a pink twine ball resting against a tin bucket full of yellow and green gourds; a white round container that opens on the top. Front Row to the right of framed chalk art: White and black chevron pumpkin with an orange ‘M’ sitting next to two stacked books; on top of books is a black lantern with an orange candle and a black bottle with curly sticks inside; in front of bottle is a white twine ball; in front of books is a small yellow pumpkin; and next to the books is a wooden orange pumpkin that reads, “Give Thanks.”




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