What is This Georgia Peach about?

Image description: A close up of my hubby and I standing in front of our new home. I am holding up the key.

This is where I, this Georgia Peach, will give you a glimpse into my world, my dreams, and my passions. So, what exactly possessed me to even start writing a blog, because quite honestly, I never thought that I would ever do something like this. Well, stick with me for a moment.

My husband and I recently moved to the Sunshine State. (Let me just say that though I am now a Florida resident and may live here for a long time, I will always be a Georgia Peach and a Bulldog.) When we first moved to our new home, there were plenty of things to do. Boxes upon boxes to unpack; furniture to arrange; new furniture pieces to buy; décor to arrange and rearrange; pictures and curtains to hang; décor to rearrange, again…Some of it was exciting and some not so much. About two months later, I began teaching an ASL class online. There were units to plan, videos to create, and assignments to grade. Teaching and creating an online class is a new thing for me, so there were also some glitches at the beginning that had to be sorted through. The point is I was keeping myself busy, which was great since I was worried I’d be bored without a traditional teaching job!

This new chapter in our lives has been very smooth and God has truly blessed us. For that I am thankful. In the last few weeks, however, I’ve found myself feeling somewhat discontent with my current situation. The house projects have slowed down. My online class is going very smoothly (not that I’m really complaining). And I’m home alone a lot more than I’m used to! So, I decided that I needed an outlet and that’s where this blog comes in. I invite you to join me in my journey as this Georgia Peach adjusts to life in the Sunshine State and as a deafblind woman.

10 thoughts on “What is This Georgia Peach about?

  1. Hello Virginia. I can see from your beautiful smile that things are just as God has planned them for you! I will miss seeing you and learning from your beautiful ASL when we have gatherings here in Georgia. Congratulations to your students for having you to teach them ASL. I am looking forward to following you on your blog as your Florida adventure continues and God’s rich blessings continue to unfold in you and your husband’s lives.

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  2. Hello to the Georgia Peach 🍑
    From the nutmeg state to the sunshine state!

    I’m a Yank according to one grandfather and a gypsy according to the other 😉

    It sounds as though your background is in the Deaf world 🌎 and now you’ve come to join us in the even smaller Deafblind world. Social isolation is something we struggle against daily.

    I’m a mom to a Deafblind son – age 10. The very first thing I learned when I met other Deafblind families is that it’s okay to just be ourselves. That to see every moment as a gift 🎁 is the norm here. We are all so unique but yet all so much the same! There is a place where we all fit in and all abilities are celebrated! A place where all of our struggles are understood and all friendships cherished.

    You are the only the second Deafblind adult I’ve had the pleasure of becoming aquinted with, but I can already say I think you’ll fit right in here and find that friendship is always near to our hearts despite the physical barriers and distance between us.

    I recently read a book about a Deafblind man that I found in the iTunes bookstore. It opened my eyes to the world of the Deaf and why at times we struggle to fit in.

    My son has been a student at a Deaf School for 2 years now. It has been a difficult and slow transition. You are blessed to have a background that allows you more access to the world around you. I would love to hear more about your online classes.

    ASL can be a very expensive resource to access. It’s such a beautiful language. I often use it to break everyday language barriers in my neighborhood. We love the world that the hands open up to us!

    Best wishes on your journey and know that you are never alone in this 💕

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    1. Thank you! Yes, though the deafblind world is small, I have found that it is a wonderful world to be a part of. I love how diverse the community is, yet we all have the same desires – to belong and be accepted 🙂

      I will definitely talk more about my classes as I continue to blog! I wish you lived in Georgia. There is a pilot program that’s starting in a few weeks where families with deafblind children can take a free online ASL class and have bi-weekly meetings with an ASL teacher/facilitator. It would be great if your state could start something like this. But thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

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  3. Hi Virginia,
    Amy here! Just loved reading about your journey from Georgia to the sunshine state and how you are pursuing a new outlet. Now I also understand that you are teaching ASL online. My friend Matt (the one I am interviewing) has mentioned the possibility of down the road becoming an online English instructor.
    Looking forward to following your journey.
    So glad our paths have crossed!


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